Gets her piano degree at the National Conservatory of Music in México City and her cello licentiate ad the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, thanks to a Mexican and a British scholarship. She participates in different courses with Steven Isserlis and Cristophe Coin among others. She  works with The New Theatre Company, touring Greece and England.

She moves to Barcelona as an assistant of Lluis Claret, teaching and studying at L’Escola de Música de Barcelona and L’Escola de Música Pau Casals. At the same time she performs with the contemporary music ensemble Barcelona 216, and The Palau’s chamber orchestra. Later she gets the cello teacher post at the Ataulfo Argenta’s Conservatory in Santander.

She returns to Mexico to play at the   Mexico City’s philharmonic orchestra and nowis director of a children violoncello orchestra “Los chelos de Hamelín” and the Ensamble Ámbar dedicated to contemporáry music for children, playing with bothat important forums like Mexico City Festival, The National Arts Centre, Auditorio Blas Galindo, Papalote Museum, Chanel 11, Simon Bolivar Amphitheatre in San Ildefonso, The International Children’s Book Fair, The Bellas Artes Palace, The Cultural center of Spain, and La Nana (a center for innovatión and creation) .

With the support of FONCA, she has developed a violoncello, violín and viola methodes which have had particular successful in Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Argentina the U.S.A.