Hamelin cello orquestra, The founders

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Domingo 15 de agosto de 2004

Hamelín cello orquestra, The founders:


She was at the first concert of “The Hamelin’s cellos”. She was eleven. Now is a veteran of sixteen and her repertoire has expanded to Haydn, Beethoven, Bach and more.

“I met Pilar at Ollin Yoliztli Music School, and she showed me the cello, that I had’nt heard before and I realized that’s what I wanted to play. So I started.”

Her teacher remembers that at that time, at Ollin Yoliztli’s school, 30 children came to her classroom to hear the instrument and the children came in groups to each of the classrooms of teachers, eight choose to study cello.

Barbara arrives to her rehearsals, at a spacious and bright classroom in Coyoacán, accompanied by a big  case and her instrument. Like most of her colleagues, she goes around with it a lot of her time.

She started with a borrowed instrument. However, her mother did not hesitate to invest her savings in a new instrument for her daughter. Even change her car to fit it in the trunk. This instrument is now in the hands of a cellist, in France. With what she got from the sale, Barbara bought the one she has today.

“There are days when I arrive at  the music school at three and stay till seven. Sometimes I feel is to much, but once I’m playing I realize I can’t quit.

“What I like is that when I feel sad or in difficult times, I play my cello and I transport myself to another world. It has helped me a lot.”


He speaks very little, but not denied to the interview. Andrea is the daughter of Pilar Gadea teacher, but when an artist playing is more, not because this device stands for The cellists of Hamelin, is the greatest privilege. Toddlers turn to memory.

“I started playing at age five. Now I have 10. I really like and it has been difficult to practice because I’m studying, I will spend a fifth.”

Andrea has had to change several times their rehearsal schedule. Sometimes he used to sleep, until his parents discovered he was better after the meal. Now it does when it finishes its task.